Yes, I experienced that reaction.

My husband has had many moles and was past due for his skin exam. His mother had melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer that can invade the bloodstream and can metastasize to every organ of the body. To get him examined I told him I’d make appointment for myself also.

It turned out all his moles were ok! I had one tiny spot that looked like a freckle and turned out to be malignant melanoma. This type of skin cancer develops in the cells that produces melanin, the pigment that gives your skin color. It is unclear the exact cause of melanoma but UV rays from the sun or tanning beds are highly suspected. The highest risks are people with fair complexion, blues eyes, red or blond hair, and freckles.

Other risk factors include history of blistering sunburn, having moles and family history. The treatment is surgery to remove the lesion and possibly having immune therapy or chemotherapy. The best education is to exam your skin every month Look at those moles for any changes size, color, if it becomes raised or thicker, itching or bleeding.

As for myself, who does not have moles, I’ll watch for any new spots on my skin.

Wear sunscreen of SPF of 30 or greater, avoid the sun between 10am to 4pm, cover you head and skin with protective coverings and avoid tanning beds. And have yearly skin checks by your medical provider or a dermatologist.

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