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Paul Schwinn and Jerry Borgaard grill burgers during a recent Friday lunch for the community's youth. 

Coordinated by Clarance Knutson, the Summer Meal Program was in full force, making sure the community's youth had fuel for fun throughout the time away from school.

The St. Paul crew included Lynne Donahe, Anita Gallow, Sharon Blankenship, Kathleen Duysen, KC Babcock,  Philip Portwood, Cheryll Borgaard, Paul Schwinn, Jerry Borgaard.

For the 23rd year, St. Paul has organized and hosted the Kids Meals program, which provides free lunches during the summer months to any child who wishes to attend. We served 2,408 lunches to children and the needy in our community over the 8½ week period.  An average of 58 kid’s meals were served each day, an increase over the meals served last year.

Clarance Knutson supervised and organized the nine-week program. St. Paul was responsible for two weeks of meals this year. First week helpers: Pat Dick, Anita Gallow, Sharon Blankenship, Cheryll Borgaard, Jacki Whittaker, Becky Dahlman, Shirley Johnson, Neal Johnson, Mary Rosen, Loren Rosen, Jon Davidson, Paul Schwinn, and David Whittaker.

Thank you to KC Babcock for cooking the second week of meals. KC’s crew: Kathleen Duysen, Beverly Foul, Sharon Blankenship, Lynne Donahe, Anita Gallow, Philip Portwood, Jerry Borgaard, Cheryll Borgaard, and Paul Schwinn.

Also thank you to the area churches who provided the meals for the other 6½ weeks: St. Mary’s Catholic, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (2 weeks), C. R. First Baptist, C.R. Christian, Apostolic Lutheran, and C.R. Methodist.